translated from Spanish: They extend the call for the Audiovisual Project Development Competition of the City of Buenos Aires

After a year in which the doors of Argentine cinemas remained closed and dozens of shoots were postponed, any project that promotes the realization of audiovisual content is celebrated and accompanied. In this sense, the Cultural Impulse area of the Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires, with the support of Fundación ITA and promoted by Buenos Aires Audiovisual Cluster (BACA), officially expand until March 5, 2021 the registration to the Audiovisual Project Competition of the City of Buenos Aires.

What is it? It is intended for the audiovisual producers of Buenos Aires, in which a jury of prestigious representatives of the audiovisual industry will evaluate the participating projects.What is the recognition that is given? 12 prizes totaling $5,250,000, with the aim of financing the development of winning proposals in four categories: 
Fiction series
Fictional feature films
Documentary series and feature films

“Today the competition in the audiovisual industry is very large,” held BACA’s board member and general contest coordinator Lucas Mirvois. “The competition organized by BACA gives the winners the necessary funding to invest in development and achieve solid projects that can stand out. At the same time, in the context of a pandemic that slowed the industry down, the competition will not only help incentivize the sector, but also revive it,” he added.

They extend the call for the Audiovisual Project Development Competition of the City of Buenos Aires | Press kindness

For his part, the Minister of Culture of Buenos Aires, Enrique Avogadro, stated that “the competition is central and fundamental to be able to stimulate the audiovisual industry and accompany in the generation of audiovisual content”.” This project is supported by Mecenazgo and this contribution is essential for it to be carried out. The competition promotes partnership and collaboration between actors in the audiovisual sector. These initiatives where the public and private sphere cooperate generate alliances and new networks so that the various projects can be materialized and implemented. We continue to work to make more and more tools available for the development of culture in Buenos Aires,” he said. The Bases and Conditions are available by logging into the
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