translated from Spanish: Another judge asked for the resignation of the judge of Casación who met with Macri

The judge of the House of Marrying Angela Ledesma folded at the request of her colleague Alejandro Slokar for Gustavo Hornos, president of the court, resign after learning of his meetings with Mauricio Macri in the previous adverse rulings against Cristina Kirchner.Ledesma sent a note to Hornos in terms similar to that of Slokar where he stated that a break has been generated in the necessary confidence that must exist between the judges of the body and its president”.
According to information revealed by the deputy of the Frente de Todos Martín Soria, Hornos visited Mauricio Macri six times, always before failing against the now vice president, Cristina Kirchner, who during his pleading in the future dollar case, recalled the news.
“We are in a context where the president of Casación, Gustavo Hornos, was going to meet Macri at Casa Rosada. To my secretary Mariano Cabral, Martín Irurzun quoted him to say if Sebastián Casanello had gone to Olivos. It was a lie. But if it had been true, it was reprehensible conduct. What are you going to do with Ovens, who went six times to see Macri? Are you still going to be a member of the House?” said CFK.
In the note telam agreed to, Ledesma told Hornos that his visits to Macri “involve an inesposeable ethical issue of institutional significance, which are violating the Ibero-American Code of Judicial Ethics”. Both Skolar and Ledesma blamed Hornos for his “unconvincing” explanations and the absence of a plenary of Casación to deal with this matter, something requested by the body’s judges.” This reason is an impediment to me being represented institutionally, which is why I am asking you to resign from the post of President of the House,” Ledesma’s request concluded.
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