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Photography/Instagram @anuarlayon
Mexico. – The design that became popular a few years ago in the country, and which represented «nationalism», came to have many criticisms against it, but they still came to sell thousands of copies of this jacket. Going viral, as people who left the country wore their jackets and took pictures, so that they went viral on social media. The creator of this design is also the designer of the new INE uniforms.
The new uniforms used by INE people on their way to the next election were run by Anuar Layon. It is about the uniforms that trainers of the national body, which the designer explained «are highly functional, with a utility perspective that offers the opportunity to transform them to provide comforts to those who carry them».
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One of the elements that stand out most in this design is the integration of a printed QR code that functions as the person’s identifier, in order to ensure that this is who they claim to be. The creator also explained that this design is for any weather condition being totally comfortable for those who use it. The sleeves of the outfit are removable in case it is very hot, and the cap extends like a camper in case the sun’s rays are too intense.
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