translated from Spanish: In Italy, ‘anti-Super league’ regulations are passed

The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) adopted a new ‘anti-Super league’ regulation on Monday at the Federal Council meeting, which will prevent clubs participating in competitions organized by private bodies not recognized by UEFA and FIFA from joining the national leagues.” Those who participate in a competition not authorized by FIGC, UEFA and FIFA will lose membership. At the moment, we do not know who stayed and who left the Super League, this rule refers to national licenses. It is clear that if on June 21, deadline for registration applications, someone wants to participate in private competitions, will not participate in our championship,” warned FIGC President Gabriele Gravina.La last week twelve European clubs, including Italians Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan, announced the creation of the European Super League, a decision from which the latter two retracted after the rejection of bodies such as the national leagues , federations, UEFA, FIFA and, above all, fans. According to the new regulation, proposed by the President and approved by the Council, participation in competitions organized by private associations not recognized by FIFA, UEFA and FIGC will imply “the loss of membership”, as well as the dispute of clubs in friendly matches and tournaments not recognized by the FIGC without the authorization of the federation. In addition, Gravina warned of the danger of a new attempt to bet on the Super League. “Anyone who has interpreted the Super League as an act of weakness on the part of some clubs going through a period of economic hardship and a rebellion in the football system is wrong. It’s a sensitive issue,” he explained. Finally, he opened the door to a reform of the Italian championships. “The format should take into account the reduction of equipment. My idea of Playoff and Playout is no mystery, now that the Premier League is thinking about it too, it’s become fashionable. No one is a prophet in your land, but I hope it will serve as an encouragement,” he concluded.

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