translated from Spanish: Cafiero targeted opposition for “debt storms”

Chief of Staff Santiago Cafiero today questioned the Government of Mauricio Macri for promising a “rain of investment” and that only “debt storms” have arrived. Cafiero participated in an event in the province of Santa Fe, and stressed that “the country’s third debt cycle, in record time and in record amount, was with Mauricio Macri”.

From day one we sought to repair the debts of Macri’s management, which turned its back on Argentines and Argentines. That’s our guide and that’s why in San Cristobal, Santa Fe, we expand and incorporate technology in the Railway Workshops of @TACargas. — Santiago Cafiero (@SantiCafiero)
May 15, 2021

The coordinating minister inaugurated the Railway Workshop of Mounted Pairs of the city of San Cristobal and stated that during Macri’s 4 years “productive development policies were not carried out because they were not looked at”. In line with a discussion within the national government about social plans and genuine work, Cafiero said that “the computer of Peronism is what they produce and work for.”

“That’s where we focus. We understand that work is that outstanding debt that politics has and that peronists are especially hurting,” he said. Cafiero then reprised criticism of the opposition, whom he accused of “thinking about the next election”, unlike Alberto Fernández, who according to the minister “is the first not to be looking at polls when it comes to making decisions.” It’s very easy to tell them apart. Some tell you what you want to hear, and the others tell you how you have to take care of yourself,” he added.

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