translated from Spanish: Narváez appreciated the support of Heraldo Muñoz and reiterated that primary should be “broad, unitary, vetoless and without exclusions”

Paula Narváez, thanked her for the support she gave her during this day, Heraldo Muñoz, who confirmed her descent from the presidential race. The Socialist said her campaign “will continue to shake hands with the independents,” inging that “we welcome the entire team of Herlado Muñoz’s candiatura to merge.” He added that “Chile’s political cycle has changed. (…) We will live up to the circumstances.” On what was coming, he hoped that the primary of the opposition “would be broad, unitary, veto-free and without exclusions.” With regard to including Jadue and Boric in this instance, Narváez noted that “these are conversations that are still happening.” The flag bearer also received the support of Nuevo Trato and the Liberal Party during this day, after Pablo Vidal announced that she deposed her presidential candidacy. “There is a community of purpose with the Socialist Party and with other forces. We want to go for a lot more, we understand that we have to build and you don’t always have to go one to the front,” the MP said. He added that “we proudly and joyfully joined the candidacy of the next President of Chile, Paula Narváez”.

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