translated from Spanish: Woman moves into a house and finds something when removing the carpet

A few days ago an unusual video began to circulate on Tik Tok where a young woman says she moved into a house where a person died, but never thought to find anything under the carpet. The @dontbeanashhole account shared the video, whose scene has become one of the most viewed and commented on the video platform.
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Although she knew that a person had died in that house, she never expected that removing the carpet would bring a surprise. As a horror movie! He came across the drawn outline of a body on the floor. Read more: VIDEO. mermaid? Strange being escapes when noticing the human presence This is not all, next to the drawing, there is written a date (01/19/2018) and a case number on the ground. “Ok, but this is actually a little creepy. Body!” said the young woman, pointing to the side of the drawing the floor looks a different color, possibly from blood stain.

The viral video has more than 5 million views, more than 700 thousand ‘likes’, and more than 5 thousand comments that have qualified the finding as “the darkest discovery that has been made known on the internet”. But that didn’t stop there, the young woman shared another video where a user tells her to try throwing peroxide on the stain, if it bubbles is that it is blood, and instead of a death from natural causes would be in a house where there was possibly a murder. When pouring the peroxide in a normal area of the floor no bubbles are observed, but when the woman pours into the dark spot it does look frothy. “Oh oh, now what?” she adds in surprise.

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Original source in Spanish

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