translated from Spanish: Lgbttti flag painted in the Judicial City different dependencies of the CDMX

The LGBTTTI flag was reflected in one of the pedestrian crossings located in the Judicial City of Mexico City, an act carried out between different capital dependencies as a symbolic act of solidarity with the fight for non-discrimination against the community. The painting was made as part of the activities for the LGBTTTIQ+ Pride Day to which were added, as protagonists, the Judiciary and the Ministry of Culture of the capital. The president of the judicial body, Rafael Guerra Álvarez, said that the institution that represents him, joins the cause for dignity and equality and called for the eradication of discrimination against all free manifestations of identity, orientation and preference. Read more: SCJN declares unconstitutional the prohibition of recreational and recreational use of cannabisIn addition, he stressed that the pint, “symbolizes our diversity, not that of another society, nor of another time. We are proud of our evolution, that we consider natural, freedom, equality, dignity, which represent true human nature, that is our cause and that will be our victory.” A dependency by color The symbolic event was attended by Vannesa Bohórquez, Secretary of Culture of the capital, Geraldina González de la Vega, President of the Council to Prevent and Eradicate Discrimination in Mexico City (Copred), as well as Brisa Maya Solís Ventura, executive director of promotion and agendas in human rights on behalf of the president of the Human Rights Commission of Mexico City (CDHCM) , Nashieli Ramírez. Read more: Today does not circulate Tuesday, June 29: cars with pink sticker restItso attended By Luis Edgar Trejo Hernández, representing the head of the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City (SSC), Omar García Harfuch; Sergio Fontes Granados, senior officer of the Judiciary of Mexico City, as well as magistrates, judges, counselors and public servants of the PJCDMXThe colors of the pedestrian crossing were in charge of different institutions: the purple by the SSC; the blue to Copred; green to the holder of the PJCDMX; yellow to Ministry of Culture; orange to CDHCM, and red to the Mayor’s Office of the local justice house. ‘The Dance of the 41’ is a film to know why the month of pride exists

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