translated from Spanish: Liga MX will not allow rescheduling of matches

Mexico.- Liga MX made official its schedule for the Apertura 2021 where it made clear some important changes and that the 18 teams must abide to be within the regulations and one of those is that they are prohibited from requesting reschedulings during the first 3 days of the tournament, this to avoid modifications. The move that Liga MX wants to avoid is that the teams that have been selected ask to reschedule their matches due to lack of players, since at the same time the Apertura 2021 tournament the Gold Cup and the Olympic Games will be played and to avoid complications they have decided that there will be only one reason to modify matches and that is the Covid-19.
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David Medrano, azteca journalist revealed that in the owners’ meeting it was agreed that none of the 18 teams will request a rescheduling of matches in the first 3 days, especially with a message for Chivas who has more players on loan with the national team in different categories. Read more: Juan Pablo Vigón changes claws and moves from the Pumas to the Tigers”Chivas was already warned that their match of the 1 date against San Luis will not be able to reschedule it due to the absence of selected. No match of the first day can be moved,” it reads.
As already said the only way in which a game can be moved these first 3 days is that there are massive infections of Covid-19 in one of the teams. According to the protocol it would have to be higher than 6 players so that it could be enabled is an option, also for the issue of matches that are engaged with other tournaments such as the Concachampions. Read more: Eurocup: Luis Enrique says Spain is already among the best in the tournamentThe Apertura 2021 of liga MX will officially kick off on July 22, 2021 with the match of Querétaro vs América from the La Corregidora stadium. Matches on Thursday and Monday are going to be maintained to help avoid spliced matches as much as possible. 

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