translated from Spanish: Mypes can already apply for the “Relief Bonus” in the SII: know the requirements of the benefit

The Internal Revenue Service (SII) reported that the option for micro and small businesses to access the Mypes Relief Bonus is now available on its website.The benefit consists of a contribution of a non-refundable direct contribution of $ 1 million that micro and small businesses can access for once , and that can be requested from today until August 2. The MSEs that apply for the benefit must not incorporate background at the time of applying for the benefit, for which the following conditions must be met: start of activity before March 31, 2020, annual income from the draft in 2020 less than $ 726,758,250, meet the requirements of the General or Transparent ProPyme Regime, income from sales and services of the giro in , at least in two months of 2020 or 2021 (until the April tax period that is declared in May) or, have at least one worker hired during the year 2020. Companies engaged in financial or insurance activities are not considered as beneficiaries of this bonus. In addition, if a company has debts of social security contributions, it must desstninar 30% of the bonus to the payment of these obligations. In the case of free fairs, they will be able to access if they have their municipal permit up to date without complying with the rest of the requirements for the Mypes in general. The law that enshrined the Mypes Relief Bonus incorporated an additional bonus; a 20% increase in the Mypes Relief Bonus or the Additional Bonus for natural persons and owners of EIRL of female registration sex; a bonus for payments of contributions for Mypes and the possibility of requesting a solidarity advance for the payment of contributions, the details of which will be informed.

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