translated from Spanish: Peru: Castillo, without being confirmed president, calls for a new Constitution

The presidential candidate for Free Peru, Pedro Castillo, said a few moments ago that in his message to the nation when he takes office on July 28, he will ask Congress to convene a Constituent Assembly to reform the Constitution.” On July 28, assuming the mandate, I cannot become a magician to solve problems immediately, because we are bound by this Constitution,” said the candidate. Coming to power we will not be deaf or dumb, as we have always criticised. That is why, on 28 July, initiating the message to the nation, we are going to put before Congress the first request of the people: that the installation of the national constituent assembly be immediately set up to draft the first Constitution of the people,” Castillo said, during a meeting with union leaders in rimac.

Castillo added that “it is not necessary” to draft a new Constitution “with so many articles and chapters,” but one with “the smell, color, and taste of the people.” In addition, the socente union representative spoke of being prepared “not only to create this government, but to sustain it and so that later on the opportunity will continue to be given to the people.” Official confirmation is missing
Castillo obtained 44,058 more votes than the Popular Force candidate, Keiko Fujimori, something that confirms the trend maintained since the early morning of the day after the presidential election. Specifically, Pedro Castillo got 8,835,579 votes, represented in a percentage of 50.125%, while Keiko Fujimori achieved 8,791,521 wills that gave him 49.875%. In this regard, Castillo spoke from his social networks (where his profile already appears as president-elect) and said: “A new time has begun. Millions of Peruvians have stood up in defense of their dignity and justice. Thanks to the peoples of all Peru who from their diversity and historical strength have given me their confidence. My government will be due to all citizens.” 

However, in official terms, the candidate of Free Peru has not yet been confirmed as president-elect Why? Because the nullity requests presented by both The Popular Force and Free Peru, which will be resolved by the National Elections Board (JNE) in the coming days, have yet to be resolved. The Plenary of the JNE is reviewing a total of eight files of appeal of observed minutes of voting of the second round of the General Elections 2021.These requests that filed Popular Force, in their majority, and Free Peru in a smaller number, have been resolved for two weeks when the four magistrates met.

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