translated from Spanish: The work of Movimiento Ciudadano will continue to be reaffified throughout Michoacán

Puruándiro, Michoacán.- Held a district meeting in Puruádiro, the leaders of each municipality highlighted their support, work and firmness to the orange project, to give continuity to the movement of citizens throughout Michoacan, they said in a statement.
In that context, Gabriel Miller candidate of Charo declared: “The votes acquired gave us the achievement of having a representative in the city council, an alderman who will lead the work of all of us in Charo and who will open the way to Citizen Movement in the municipality, which makes us happy and motivates us to work cleanly as until now.”
For his part, the elected Alderman of Charo Luis García stated: “Today is the time for young people to actively participate in politics, channel it with new horizons and be part of it.”
In this tenor, Homero Bazán current councilor of Citizen Movement in Tarímbaro said: “It should be noted that together with the state commission and its server, we managed to approve the regulation of citizen participation and in this way we provide tools to the citizens of Tarímbaro, so that they participate in decision-making, the work has been reflected , but it must also continue.”
Jorge Granados, candidate of Puruándiro emphasized: “It is time to continue with the work and position ourselves towards the next election.”
Cuitzeo’s candidate, Porfirio Barboza, said: “We will continue to support the orange project for the good of the citizens, fighting for a better quality of life for all.”
In this way, Mary Cruz Carranza, candidate of Tarímbaro stressed: “The clean, honest and transparent work will continue from each of our trenches tirelessly,” she explained firmly.
Likewise, Juan Audiel, current President of Santa Ana Maya, stressed: “It is time to strengthen the structures in all the municipalities, add people who identify with the orange movement, and remain firm until the project is strengthened throughout Michoacan, as has been done so far.”
In the same way, the councilor-elect, Carlos Jimenez Blanqueth de Puruándiro, emphasized: “I am very grateful, we are going to continue with the honest work so that the Citizen Movement continues to grow and strengthen more and more.”
 The companions of the State Commission of the orange party: Jared Chavez Secretary of Linkage, Antonio Carreño, President of the State Citizen Council and the Secretary General of Agreements, Giovani Marcelino.
Of the district referents participated: Tarímbaro, Puruándiro, Cuitzeo, Santa Ana Maya, José Sixto Verduzco and
Charo. Likewise, the municipal presidents attended: Charo Ramón Hernández, Cuitzeo Fernando Alvarado and Santa Ana Maya, Juan Audiel Calderón emanating from Movimiento Ciudadano.
Finally, Manuel Antúnez Oviedo, National Delegate in Michoacán mentioned: “I want to recognize the effort and work for the participation of everyone in this district of Puruándiro, we have to improve the conditions and that is achieved with the continuity of work of each of those present, in conjunction with the movement, the citizens need us and from the different trenches there is something to contribute and we will do it” he concluded.

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