translated from Spanish: Not everything is honey on flakes for Vargas Landeros

Complete package. Not only did the former PRI candidate for mayor of Ahome Marco Antonio Osuna Moreno withdraw his challenge to the election after meeting with mayor-elect Gerardo Vargas Landeros and recognizing his victory, but also the former candidate for the local council for District 04, Dulce Maria Ruiz. Thus, not only Vargas Landeros has a clear path, but also Elizabeth Chia, elected deputy of the Sinaloan Party. That is to say, it was in package the surrender after having hit the cry in the sky for the result of the election for mayor and the deputation in that electoral district. In return, Dulce María Ruiz was appointed director of the Training Institute for Sinaloa Workers in Los Mochis. In this context, it is said that the operation included the former candidate for attorney general Fernanda Rivera, who was given the direction of Conalep so that she would not cough. Revire. The action of Osuna Moreno and Ruiz had the backing of the PRI leadership, but not of the priists at the grassroots. The worst thing for the PRI leadership is that the citizens are left with the worst perception of that decision after they had boasted of being the opposition. It would be another matter if hours after the election result they had done what they did now. What seems not to be forgiven by many PRI members and the Ahomenses who wanted to deceive them that they “defended democracy” in order to negotiate with the mayor-elect. Many believe that to seal his action, Osuna Moreno will appear in a position in the next administration or at least some of its people. For the interests at stake, no one believes that he agreed to submission to Vargas Landeros just for Ahome’s sake. They say that if in the last election the PRI gave the fight in Ahome, with this it will no longer see it.
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The alibi. In fact, it is said that Vargas Landeros has already co-opted the PRI leadership, whom he will control with positions in the cabinet. Those who know about this, say that the mayor-elect will want to throw “tender in the eyes” to the Ahomenses with which he will form a plural government. In other words, the PRIMOR project is under way in Ahome. However, there are some of the tricolor who are going to wait for the time to rescue the PRI. And you know when.       Flirting. Some observe that since the PRI leaders succumbed to the allure of Morenist power, the figure of former Labor Party candidate Domingo Mingo Vazquez may rise if he plays the role of opponent. Many see it as an electoral option for the future. However, his fate will be cast if he appears as Osuna Moreno with Vargas Landeros, who revealed that she is already in communication with him. Mingo already answered him.  reservation. It’s not all honey on flakes for Vargas Landeros. And there are signs that the state leader of the PAS, Hector Melesio Cuen, is not liking that move because the reading is that the mayor-elect is weaving finitely for the future. And that’s where the aspirations of Vargas Landeros and Cuen intersect. Yesterday, the state leader of the PAS said that the aldermen of that party “are not only going to raise their hands or play at the top.” And you’re also going to have local Congresswoman Elizabeth Chia. The agandalle. The last straw is that the mayor of El Fuerte Nubia Ramos unionizes more than 100 trusted employees already to leave. It is said that among them are relatives of those close to Ramos. Of course, with the complacency of union leader Jesus Guadalupe Garcia. This provoked the irritation of the mayor-elect, Gildardo Leyva, who drew a string of irregularities from this administration. Malita will be seen by Ramos and his officials when leyva enters. 

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