translated from Spanish: Conmebol chose Lionel Messi and Neymar as the best players of the Copa America

Argentina’s Lionel Messi and Brazil’s Neymar were chosen as the best players of the 2021 Copa America, which ends this Saturday with the final between the ‘verdeamarelha’ and the ‘albiceleste’, the most powerful teams on the continent. Conmebol reported on this day that “it chooses Lionel Messi and Neymar as the best players of the Conmebol Copa America 2021 for demonstrating in each match their different qualities that make them players of integrity, with technical and tactical quality, for their intelligence with and without the ball and their decision-making that is always assertive.” They lead them to be the best players of this Copa America. It is not possible to just choose one player because this competition has two best players,” he added in a statement. Both are finalists with their selections, they have exhibited a great level, being protagonists in the scoring table in this championship. In addition, they are leaders in attendance, the Argentine has 5 and the Brazilian star has served on 3 occasions of goal, showing how decisive they are in the field game”, he added. When arguing the double choice, the body based in Luque (Paraguay) pointed out that “the GET (Technical Study Group) led in the analysis that the positive impact that these great players have had with their teammates and the reflection of the South American DNA present in each match they play for their selections , make Lionel Messi and Neymar worthy of this distinction.”

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