translated from Spanish: INE will fine Morena for misuse of resources in campaigns

After completing the audit of the federal and local campaigns of the last electoral process, the INE will impose on the political parties economic fines totaling 1,892 million 349 thousand 338 pesos, for having committed irregularities such as not transparent the origin and destination of resources, not reporting contracts, exceeding campaign spending ceilings or dispersing cash.
Morena alone will have to pay a third of that amount. The fines for the ruling party amount to 644 million 891 thousand 858 pesos, according to a report of results in terms of control to which Animal Politico had access. The INE will vote on the sanctions at the General Council meeting next Thursday.
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While Morena is the most fined party, it is also the one that received the most federal and local public funding for the 2021 electoral process according to the resource allocation formula. The INE gave him a budget of 2,244.1 million pesos, while, at the local level, the party received another 2,039 million pesos from the state electoral institutes, for a total of 4,283 million pesos, according to a calculation prepared by La Jornada.
The fines provided by the INE to Morena represent one sixth of the funding to which the party had access this year.
According to the audit opinion of the electoral umpire, the second party that will pay the highest fine is Fuerza por México, a political institute that obtained its registration only last year, which it already lost at the federal level, after not having reached 3% of the vote cast in the recent elections.

This party, founded by Morenist Senator and union leader Pedro Haces Barba, will be fined 457 million 568 thousand 533 pesos, an amount that is even three times greater than the public funding it obtained this year, which was 161.9 million pesos.
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Progressive Social Networks (RSP), another newly created party that immediately lost the federal registry, will be liable to a fine of 106 million 535 thousand 903 pesos. This political institute, which was created by Fernando González, elba Esther Gordillo’s eser-law, had the same public funding as Fuerza por México.
The PAN and the PT remain on the list of the most fined, with an economic penalty of 106.4 million pesos each, followed by the PRI, which earned a fine of 106.3 million pesos.
The INE will also impose a fine of 88.2 million pesos on the PVEM; from 71.2 million to The Citizen Movement; of 54.4 million to Encuentro Solidario (another newly created party that has already lost the federal registration), and of 43.9 million to the PRD. The rest of the fines are for parties with local registration and independent candidates.
If the economic sanctions imposed on the coalitions are added, Morena and his allies the PVEM and the PT, which formed the “Together We Make History” alliance, earned fines of 839.4 million pesos, almost half of the total of 1,892.3 million pesos that the INE will charge the parties.
The sum of the fines of the PAN, PRI, and PRD, which formed the “Va por México” alliance, amounts to 256.6 million pesos, which represents one-seventh of the total amount of economic sanctions imposed by the electoral umpire.
They reported no expenses, dispersed cash, exceeded ceilings…
The INE imposed sanctions on the parties based on a catalogue of 59 irregular conducts that contravene the control model.
The most onerous penalties for political institutes were mainly for failing to reported or declared their campaign expenses. The fines for this reason amount to 604 million pesos.
Morena was the party that merited the highest economic penalty for this irregularity (of 214.8 million pesos), followed by Fuerza por México (92.6 million), the PVEM (49.3 million), the PT (43.8 million) and the PAN (38.1 million).
This means that Morena and his allies will have to pay 1 in 2 pesos of the fines imposed by the INE on the parties for not reporting or declaring their campaign expenses.
The second conduct of the parties most sanctioned by the electoral umpire was not to have reported or verified the origin of their income. In this case, Morena received a fine of 101.2 million pesos, followed by Movimiento Ciudadano (16.2 million) and Fuerza por México (15.4 million).
Almost all the parties stand out in some of the irregularities reviewed by the INE. For example, the main sanction imposed on Fuerza by Mexico was for having omitted notices recruitment; for this reason, the electoral umpire imposed a punishment of 317.5 million pesos (this sanction represents 70% of all that this party will have to pay for fines).
Another example: the PAN is the only party sanctioned for having dispersed cash during the electoral process (its fine will be 4.2 million pesos). This party also received the highest penalty (of 13.5 million) for failing to report “truthfully.”
The PRI was awarded the highest fine (7.4 million pesos) for having provided an undue benefit among its candidates, while the PT will pay the heaviest penalty (4.6 million) for having improperly apportioned campaign expenses.
The PRI was also the party most punished (with 4.3 million pesos) for having received contributions from a prohibited entity, and the PRD (1.6 million) for having made expenses with no known destination.
Morena was fined 93.6 million pesos for failing to reported payments to polling station representatives; the PES was fined 13.7 million for registering campaign events extemporaneously; the PVEM merited a fine of 2.2 million for not checking expenses of contracted advertising on the internet.
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