translated from Spanish: July 25: Day out of time

Unlike our calendar, the Gregorian, which begins on January 1, the Mayan calendar begins every July 26 and ends every July 24.A Mayan year lasts 13 lunar cycles, that is 13 months of 28 days, which is what the earth lasts to give a complete turn to the Sun.But if we add the 13 months of 28 days , gives us a total of 364 days, that is to say we need a day to be equal to the Gregorian year, this is where the “day out of time” comes in. But what is the day out of time? According to the Maya, that day, the Sun is synchronized with the brightest star in the sky (Sirius), where all the energies of the year meet. This day was considered an optimal time for purification and spiritual reflection, before beginning a new year. It was a day to give less importance to everyday matters, and especially good for meditating, for canceling debts, for being kind, for being in touch with nature and for being free. From these thoughts, this day is also known as the “green day.” In much of the world, the official flag for the Day Out of Time is the Flag of Peace. The symbol of the flag signifies the unity of art, science and spirituality. Since 1935, this flag has been internationally recognized as an instrument of peace, peace through culture.
We also know that The Day Out of Time is the day to celebrate art, and knowing that art is the basis of constructive peace, this day is also celebrated as the day of International Peace through Culture. 

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