translated from Spanish: Morena accuses the TEPJF of electoral fraud in Campeche

Mexico.- This Thursday, August 19, the National President of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena), Mario Delgado, accused that the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Power of the Federation (TEPJF) plans an electoral fraud. This, after the body ruled counting of votes in the election for governor of Campeche, where proof of majority had already been given to the standard-bearer of his party Layda Sansores.The judges of the TEPJF took the measure because the law of the entity gives the green light to the count when the number of invalid votes is greater than the difference with the second place, in addition, Movimiento Ciudadano stated that false ballots were used on June 6. Mario Delgado said that the electoral tribunal has already “taken away” from Morena three federal districts that were already defined, and now the total vote count was determined when the challenge did not request it.” The count is taken out of the sleeve,” said the brunette leader. He said that the draft resolution was amended at the last minute to request a full recount of the ballots within hours of Layda Sansores receiving the majority vote. Read more: TEPJF orders total vote count in Campeche gubernatorial election “From the beginning they started fighting each other, I denounced that it was a strategy really to start undermining Morena’s triumphs, so it has been. They took away three federal districts that we had already won.

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