translated from Spanish: Resignation of Bishop of Spain after falling in love with a writer

After falling madly in love with a woman writer of erotic novels, the Catalan bishop of Solana, Catalonia, Spain, Xavier Novell, made the decision to resign from his ecclesiastical position. Faced with this sudden fact, his bishopric is of the opinion that “the devil has gotten into him”, they have even assured that what happened to Monsignor Novell, “is not a case of celibacy, but of infestation”, that is, of demonic possession. The religious of Lleida, Catalonia, believe that the bishop, who is in favor of practicing exorcisms, suffered the reverse process when he carried out one of these, an act that was favored by the fact that, according to the bishopric, his lover, Silvia Caballol, not only writes erotic novels, but also satanic ones. The case of Xavier Novell, a religious known for his ultraconservative positions, has gone around all of Spain, this because despite being fond of exorcisms, he did not want to submit to one after he announced that he renounced his celibacy. The Catalan bishop presented his resignation to Pope Francis and he quickly accepted. Xavier had the feat of having been the youngest bishop in all of Spain, in addition, to consider that a great future awaited him in the religious service.” The bishop’s personality problems have been ‘in crescendo’ in recent years because of his participation and promotion of gay conversion therapies in various parts of Spain,” said some of his closest collaborators. It should be noted that although his case has been made known so far by “Digital Religion”, Novell resigned on August 13 of this year from his bishopric. In his resignation he detailed that he did so for “personal reasons” without going into more details. However, last week it transpired that the reason that led him to leave his position was that he had fallen in love with a divorced woman, with two children, much older than him and writer of erotic novels. After Xavier Novell abandoned his vocation, an investigation found “Satanism” in the life and work of Silvia Caballol, his lover. Likewise, an overwhelming majority of the bishopric of Solsana who knows Novell and witnessed his behavior in recent days, maintains that his resignation was provoked by “diabolical incursion”, which was favored to his unbalanced mental state. Read more: Colombian minister asks the RAE to clarify that his surname is not synonymous with “stealing” or “defrauding”Specify that although Xavier Novell will continue to be bishop emeritus of Solsana, it is most likely that he asks for the dispensation of the promise of celibacy and obedience.

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