translated from Spanish: Castrilli took over as head of the Chilean referendum: “I have a deep respect for those I have to succeed”

The former Argentine referee Javier Castrilli assumed this Wednesday as the new president of the Referees Commission, after Jorge Osorio left office on Tuesday. In his presentation, Castrilli stated that “I have always made an objective criticism, because everyone who works in the media has a commitment to the truth.” He also said that it promotes “constructive criticism, with elements that base opinion, not simple opinionology, with forceful, irrefutable elements, so I carried out my media function.” In addition, he maintained that “from this moment I fulfill a position (…) here first is the federation, Chilean football and then the men.” From this moment on, everything I do and say must have prudence, restraint, responsibility for the benefit of Chilean football,” he added. The trans-Andean pointed out that “when one assumes the responsibility of taking a position, the minimum and indispensable thing that he has to know is from where and to where his faculties are.” On his tasks in the Committee of Arbitrators, Castrilli explained that he must “appoint, promote, evaluate arbitrators, train referees, generate courses. But not only for conventional football, but for all types of football, such as women’s, futsal, beach soccer.” On the other hand, he also referred to Jorge Osorio, indicating that “I have a deep respect for those who have to happen, because one as a person who comes from the bowels of football, often knows the risks of exercising this type of functions.” No one who has gone before me has performed it with an evil spirit, with an intention to do evil. Everyone made every effort for the benefit of Chilean arbitration,” he said.


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