translated from Spanish: Zape de Aléatica al abogado tuitero

DO YOU REMEMBER Paulo Díez Gargari, the lawyer and agent of Infraiber, more famous for his tantrums than for his actions in court? He has just received a hard gauntlet in charge of the Judicial Power of the State of Mexico, the Attorney General’s Office of that entity as well as the lawyers of Aleática, which captains Rubén López.And it is that on September 24 Judge Janelly Gutiérrez Ruiz denied him access and copies of the folder of the investigation TOL/FAE/FAE/107/279921/20/11.This after both the Attorney General’s Office, as well as the legal advisers of the concessionaire, filed appeals for revocation against the initial decision to grant it access to the investigation. Decision that was based solely on the statements of Paulo Díez, who, say those who know, has tried by all means, legal and extralegal, to get the file where he knows has the quality of indiciado.As you will remember, and if not, you can consult it on the account @PDiezG on Twitter, on September 27, 2020 Paulo published his intentions to invade and take the Bicentennial Viaduct.Even, on the day designated for his function, he appeared moments before in his friendly newscast to announce his intention to take the communication route, which he carried out moments later. The aforementioned appeals show that, contrary to the Latvian publications of the tweeter/lawyer, he is not in any of the cases contemplated by the National Code of Criminal Procedures and the Jurisprudence of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, which confer on the accused the possibility of obtaining access to the investigation. In this way, their entelechies do not amount to legal arguments, much less to violations of their human rights. Those who know him point out that his intention in obstructing the communication route was to provoke the Government of the State of Mexico and cause a tumult to give artificial respiration to his worn narrative of repression and persecution against him. Far from it, the Prosecutor’s Office and the concessionaire initiated the legal and pertinent procedures, within which there is, of course, a criminal investigation, because after all in the entity that governs Alfredo del Mazo Maza it is a crime to invade and hinder the communication routes. It is an open secret within the offices of the Public Ministry that Paulo “is nailed,” which means in the language of prosecutors that the crime is relatively simple to prove and that the body of evidence is more than enough to convict him. True to his style, Paulo Diez and his lawyers will try to get any information reserved to exploit it in the media and muddy the work of the Prosecutor’s Office.As we already know, the social media lawyer will argue activism and say that it was a “citizen takeover” of the communication route, which, in legal terms, is equivalent to an assailant saying before the judge that he did steal, but that it was a “citizen robbery”. And he will tweet that what he seeks is justice for Mexicans and that his actions have nothing to do with the millionaire contract that the State of Mexico revoked to its employers to operate in the same communication route that it invaded. CONTRARY TO what has been pointed out in recent weeks, there is no link between Grupo Escorfin, whose presidency is held by Roberto Guzmán, and the financial services company Corafi, headed by René Dávila, which is related to the issuance of 700 million pesos in stock certificates acquired by Segalmex, directed by Ignacio Ovalle. Escorfin has a 20-year history in the field of financial services in Mexico, Latin America, the United States and now Europe. In these two decades he has focused his efforts on the financing of different public and private projects. It is striking that during this period in no case has it committed breaches and is recognized in the market for being one of the business groups that has the greatest assets and projects to comply with its obligations. It has been the tax authority itself that, on several occasions, has recognized Escorfin as a responsible organization. WITH EVERYTHING and the opposition of the Ministry of Finance, led by Rogelio Ramírez de la O, the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV) revoked the license of Banco Accendo early yesterday. Since last week there were talks with its CEO, Javier Reyes de la Campa, to avoid an intervention by the regulator. The last thing that was put on the table was a capital injection of 30 million dollars from a US fund, but above all the resignation of Reyes himself. However, there was no way to reverse the decision of the body headed by Juan Pablo Graf, which was taken early on Monday. Accendo is the second bank in the government of Q4 that is liquidated. A year ago, Humberto Garza’s Banco Famsa suffered the same fate. KPMG, led by Víctor Esquivel, will be the liquidator of Accendo.AS EXPECTED La Peninsular, the construction company of Carlos Hank Rhon, won the Chalco-Santa Martha Trolleybus project. The company directed by Alberto Pérez-Jácome took him with the best offer of the seven received by the government of the State of Mexico, commanded by Alfredo del Mazo Maza. We are talking about seven billion 372 thousand 848 pesos. In second place was HYCSA by Alejandro Calzada with seven billion 436 thousand 698 pesos and in third place GRUPO ICA directed by Guadalupe Phillips with seven billion 570 thousand 836 pesos. I told him that in the end the Secretariat of Mobility headed by Luis Limón skyrocketed in the price and that the resources will come from the federal government in charge of Andrés Manuel López Obrador.MAÑANA ES EL fallo del puente cable-stayed on Section 3 of the Mexico-Toluca Train. There were seven offers that the SCT received from Jorge Arganis. But the fight is in two groups. The first is that of ICA, whose main shareholder is David Martínez, who is associated with Víctor Ortiz’s IDINSA. And the second is a consortium formed by General Contractor of Latin America of Hilario Orozco, Ideurban of José Serur Cababié, Jaguar of Moisés Zecua and Alfa Proveedores of José Abed. The first offered 989 million 910 thousand pesos and the second 845 million 861 thousand pesos, a difference of 144 million round numbers. The Undersecretary of Infrastructure, Jorge Nuño, is so determined to be taken away by ICA that he is doing all kinds of pirouettes. ON LINE 1 of the Cablebus, we are told that from the beginning it was established in the contract with the government of the CDMX headed by Claudia Sheinbaum, that the preventive maintenance of the cable would be in the first months. Cable adjustment is a necessary and normal procedure in all cable cars in the world to reinforce the safety of this means of transport. This is due to the announced maintenance made by the Secretary of Mobility, Andrés Lajus, and not to failures in the design of the work that was awarded to Gami by Manuel Muñozcano and the Austrian Doppelmayr, who directs here Konstantinos Panagiotou.

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