translated from Spanish: Former Bolivian President Said She Suffers from Anorexia Nervosa and Reported Being Harassed in Prison

The former transitional president of Bolivia Jeanine Áñez denounced this Friday, in a hearing, that she suffers from anorexia nervosa and that she receives harassment inside the prison where she is serving her preventive detention for the investigation of the case called “coup d’état”. In a telematic hearing for the cessation of preventive detention, the former transitional president read her statement explaining previously that her “memory” is failing her and that she is “a victim of violence and psychological torture.” Yesterday I was evaluated by my nutritionist with a diagnosis of anorexia nervosa, a diagnosis that undoubtedly aggravates my picture of malnutrition,” she said. Áñez denounced that they are providing him with drugs “doubtful of effectiveness” and that on several occasions they caused him a lot of sleep and even hallucinations. She also said that a group of women in the Miraflores prison, where she has been detained for more than six months, yell and insult her and even went so far as to sneak “denigrating posters.” I find it dangerous to go down to sunbathe in the corridor of the prison, which I have not done for more than a month, naturally these violations of my rights are committed before the insensitive gaze of the prison authorities, “he said. He also maintained that he has restricted the visit of his lawyers, that he could not have a direct interview with his psychiatrist and that he has already completed his preventive detention of six months.” I assume that the only thing the government is looking for and will achieve is my death in the short term,” said the former president. SUSPENSIONAñez suffered a decompensation in the middle of the hearing, so it was determined to resume it on Saturday, one of his lawyers, Norka Cuellar, told the media. We cannot as a defense verify the real state of the former president,” the lawyer denounced. For its part, the Penitentiary Regime published a statement in which it states that Áñez suffered a “slight decompensation that prevented the continuity of his defense” and that he received attention from the medical staff. At the moment and under medical report, the prisoner Jeanine Áñez is stable and receives constant medical attention from the health personnel of the Penitentiary Regime, “says the bulletin. Meanwhile, Carolina Ribera, daughter of the former transitional president, denounced that in the hearing the lawyer of the Attorney General’s Office of the State indicated that her mother is “theatrical”. I demand respect, she has never been a theatrical and if these decompensations happen to her, it is because she really has a very serious state of crisis,” said Ribera.CITATION TO CAMACHOThe Prosecutor’s Office reported this Friday that it summoned the governor of Santa Cruz, the opposition Luis Fernando Camacho, to testify on October 7 in the framework of the investigation of the case called “coup d’état” for which she is detained Áñez.De the same way next year. After knowing the summons, Camacho’s father, Camacho’s father and that he will continue with his work. Camacho is one of the main defendants in the “coup d’état” case, initiated at the behest of the ruling party, and is being investigated for the alleged crimes of conspiracy and destabilization during the social and political crisis of 2019 that led to the resignation of Evo Morales to the Presidency denouncing an alleged coup d’état, after the failed elections due to allegations of electoral fraud. The Secretary of Justice of the Santa Cruz Governorate, Efraín Suárez, indicated that Camacho did not receive any official subpoena document and pointed out that it is a “persecution of those who defended democracy” so the Government of Luis Arce is “using politically” justice.

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