ASE observes 65 million pesos of the 2019 account of the Government of Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- The general analysis of the results of the review and superior audit of the public account 2019 reveals that the Executive Branch of Sinaloa registers 159 results with observations for an amount of 65 million 203 thousand 511 pesos; while the municipalities accumulate one thousand 198 observations for the amount of 156 million 76 thousand 331 pesos. The document, made public by the outgoing deputies of the Audit Commission of the 63rd Legislature, is based on individual reports presented by the Superior State Audit. They requested that a review of the Technical Evaluation Unit (UTE) be carried out to these reports. Results The opinion of the ASE specifies that, of the 159 results with observations: 9 correspond to recommendations, 2 to promote the exercise of the power of fiscal verification, 133 to promote administrative responsibility and 38 to the statement of observations. The Legislative Branch registers five observations, one recommendation and four that are classified into those of administrative responsibility. Regarding the Judicial Branch, like the State Congress, the list of observations is reported in zero pesos; and the Supreme Court of Justice is given four observations, of which two are classified into recommendations and two on the promotion of administrative responsibility. Read more: Coronavirus Sinaloa: latest news today October 4 on Covid-19In the summary of results, the state public entities are listed, with 313 observations, which corresponds to 14 recommendations, 15 of promotion of the exercise of the faculty of fiscal verification, 299 of promotion of administrative responsibility and 43 of the list of observations, for an amount of 22 million 974 thousand 168.56 pesos. Workers are trapped 12 meters high in Culiacán

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