Education in the New Constitution: What Do High School Students Say?

Secondary students have always played an important role in the profound processes of social transformation that the country has had to go through and the current wording of the new constitution cannot be the exception.
For this reason, four organizations launched the consultation “My education, my opinion, my Constitution”, which seeks to obtain direct information from the adolescent voice to take it to the conventional constituents, recognizing the value and importance of this opinion in the process of drafting the new constitution.
The query is designed to be answered in an agile and brief manner, and was validated with a sample of 39 students who accompanied their formulation process. With this young perspective, we seek to collect the main interests and expectations of students about different aspects of education as a right.
Along with this, it aims to describe their perception about the conditions of quality, inclusion, equity, participation, financing and freedom of education that should reflect the new Magna Carta in this matter. It also investigates the role that the State, students and their families, and educational communities should have in the educational process, attending to the needs and aspects that youth consider priorities.
This initiative is the result of the joint work of the Research Center for Socio-Educational Transformation (CITSE) of the Silva Henríquez Catholic University; the Network of Researchers in Chilean Education (RIECH); the Laboratory for Research and Innovation in Education for Latin America and the Caribbean (SUMMA); and the Centro Justicia Educacional (CJE) of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.
The consultation is available and disseminated through official channels of the four institutions that lead this initiative, enhancing the social networks of each organization and appealing to the spirit of online dissemination and voice to voice, which characterizes the new practices of youth participation.
The results of this work will be delivered to the Constitutional Convention and will be freely accessible to citizens.

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