Hualaihué welcomes the summer season

“Welcome Summer” in Hulaihué presents its second edition with the participation of four tourist groups of the commune and a series of recreational activities for visitors. It is a joint effort that seeks to break the seasonality and open the doors of Green Patagonia to tourists throughout the year. Incorporating respect for Mother Earth and the ancestral culture of the Huilliche territory.
The Tourism Association of Hualaihué together with the municipality and the technical career in Tourist Services of the Hornopirén Lyceum, with the support of the National Tourism Service (Sernatur) Los Lagos, this Friday, December 3, inaugurated the summer season in the face of the reactivation of tourism, with an ancestral Mapuche, Huilliche and Lafquenche ceremony.
Omar Salipa, president of the Hulaihué Tourism Association, said that “the first start of the season we did with the spirit of giving an enhancement to our rivers. This time we gave it a sense of recovering the ancestral Mapuche fabric native to here. In the fair you find exponents from the town of Chauchil, Hualaihué Puerto, Chenue and they bring ancestral knowledge”.
Rosa Peranchiguay, candidate for machi, made the request that gave the go to the summer season. The master of ceremonies sailed with tourist entrepreneurs where the Blanco, Negro and Cuchildeo rivers converge to exalt and thank Mother Earth. “Blessings are extremely important for the start of the season. The important thing is to know the original Mapuche, Huilliche and Lafquenche identity of the commune,” he said.

“The ceremony consists of thanking and bringing food to the three rivers. Thanking for all the strength or newen for the people of our commune. The artisanal fisherman like the shore shellfisher and the people who have Mapuche Huilliche identity. Also to the visitors to thank at any time and in any place, we invite them to thank and ask permission from Mother Earth, “added Rosa Peranchiguay.
On Saturday, December 4, tourist activities continued in the town of Contao. Visitors can enjoy a hake, gastronomic samples, handicrafts, autdoor equipment, diving and recreational kayaking. Likewise, digital marketing and customer service workshops, first aid, recreational kayaking and composting are offered.
Natalia Barrientos, tourism coordinator of the Municipality of Hualaihué, explained that “the idea is to be able, among all the main actors, to fill us with energy for this new post-covid-19 season. We hope to be able to receive many people because we have everything it takes to have a good time. We have sea, mountain range, rafting, diving, we have many activities, many, infinite. People come here and have a great time because we’re super welcoming.”
In 2005 the Liceo de Hornopirén began the technical career in tourism seeking to enhance the activity in the commune. Currently 22 students are in third grade, 20 graduates in the fourth half and 20 enrolled by 2022.
Fabiola Flores, professor of Tourism at the Liceo Hornopirén, said that “today we are an area of tourist interest and it is important to train the young people of the commune so that they begin to want their territory to specialize in tourism that is an important productive activity within the commune. Today we have increased because thanks to the Regional Government we have applied for projects”.

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