Gabriel Boric after visit to the Constitutional Convention: “We have ratified our full will to collaborate with the process”

After meeting this Tuesday with President Sebastián Piñera, this day the agenda of the President-elect, Gabriel Boric, continues with an appointment with the table of the Constitutional Convention.After 10 hours and in the company of Deputy Camila Vallejo, Boric arrived at the headquarters of the National Congress in Santiago, which currently houses the body in charge of proposing a new Magna Carta, to meet with the table headed by Elisa Loncon.” Our convention opens the doors in the direction of institutional collaborations, with the corresponding autonomy that our convention has,” said the president of the body. Vice President Jaime Bassa followed the same line, commenting that “collaboration, a solidary, fraternal and sororous work” is expected, he said. The conventional emphasized the relationship with the government of Sebastián Piñera, assuring that “it has cost us a lot to work with the outgoing Government, it has been a very worked relationship, very difficult (…) We are going to move forward, we hope now with the collaboration of the government, hopefully less worked than it was with the outgoing government.” As expected, Boric also spoke out about it, calling the invitation an “honor” and adding that the convention is a space “for which thousands of Chileans have worked so hard for so many years, before us.” That we are writing for the first time a democratic, equal constitution with native peoples is a source of pride.” “I want to thank the tremendous damage they have done, their advisors who are workers who have not had the recognition that corresponds. To the public officials who have done a tremendous job with a sense of state and to the press,” he added.  On the statements of Loncón and Bassa, he commented that “we have talked with the president, and we have ratified our full willingness to collaborate with the constitutional process and the convention.” With this, he said he hopes to have the disposition of the current government, assuring that “it is a matter of State, we all have to put the best independent of political differences. I do not expect a partisan convention, at the service of our government, it is not what corresponds, it goes beyond the conjuncture,” he replied. Finally, he indicated that his position is one of “commitment to a historic process, I am not to make odious differences with the current president in office.  That is why I went to the invitation of President Elisa Loncón. (…) Not to try to elbow, but to find each other.”

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