Marco Moreno and Boric’s cabinet beyond Apruebo Dignidad: “He has to establish a balance, because he also wins for the ideas of social democracy”

A high expectation in the economic and business sector generates the appointment of the new cabinet by President-elect Gabriel Boric, especially in the Ministry of Finance, a key portfolio to give peace of mind to the markets in the face of what will be a 2022 of economic difficulties.
For political analyst Marco Moreno, Boric has been under “strong pressure” to make this decision soon, which, in his opinion, is not positive. “(Boric) is facing quite strong pressures so that he can give signals, especially in what has to do with the market, the economy, regarding who are going to be the people who are going to accompany him in the conduct of financial affairs, and also order and security. That pressure has been very intense,” he said in an interview with El Mostrador in La Clave.
“There has been strong pressure here, especially from these risk rating institutions, which have installed the idea that it is necessary to deliver clear signals in order to control market expectations. There is an over-pressure on this point that is not good, because these decisions have to be made with a certain restraint,” he added.
In addition, the director of the School of Government and Communication of the Central University foresees that “it would have to establish a kind of balance in the sense that in order to ensure political and social majorities, moderation will be required in the election, in the appointment, which is represented by men or women who can give an evident proof that they also respond to these ideas.”
“Therefore, I believe that, especially in some portfolios that are sensitive, the performance of Gabriel Boric in the second round should probably predominate more than the Gabriel Boric in the first round, especially in the designation of some portfolios that are going to be sensitive, and that will require a political and social majority beyond what would be the Approve Dignity pact,” Added.
Finally, he pointed out that “there are sectors of the Broad Front and the Communist Party that are insisting that in reality the victory of Gabriel Boric was the result of the vote of women, youth and social movements. I would put a nuance, because Boric wins the second round also because of the ideas of social democracy.”

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“Decomposition on the right”
Marco Moreno also analyzed the current moment of the right after the defeat in the runoff last Sunday. In his opinion, “it is quite natural that this phenomenon of decomposition is taking place on the right, which was defeated in last Sunday’s elections. Maybe something similar we will also begin to see in the center-left, which will also have to do its process of crossing the desert.”
He also said that “on the right it is more evident, because they are going to be opposition, and the two questions are, first, who is going to be the leader of the opposition, and what kind of opposition is going to be the one they are going to make to the government of President-elect Gabriel Boric. There may be several oppositions, but the question is whether they are going to be parapeted from Congress, and they are going to be a parliamentary opposition as was the opposition to President Sebastián Piñera, or are they going to try to find some bridges of understanding on some issues that may be important. ”
The expert spoke about the new leaderships that could emerge in the coming months, when the right becomes opposition. In the first place, he spoke of Senator Manuel José Ossandón (RN), who “is raising an idea of a rather proactive, constructive leadership. He wants to do that from the senate presidency.”
On the other hand, there is the leader of the Republican Party, José Antonio Kast, whose leadership “has the serious risk that it ends up anchoring the party, putting it in a niche that was its electoral niche. The big question is whether that electoral niche cannot also be a definitive grave for the right.”
“He (Kast) would like to be the leader of the entire opposition. He is probably going to hide behind his strategy of rejecting the next proposal of the Constitution (…) I think he plans to install himself by radicalizing his position in the niche of rejection, he is going to become the leader of that rejection, because he believes that from there he can maintain a leadership that he obtained at the polls. The issue is that this vote has many subsidies, because there people who did not want the regr went to vote.that of communism. More than against Boric, they were voting against the Communist Party,” Moreno said.
“There are voters on the liberal or social right who voted for Kast as their only possible. Therefore I believe that José Antonio Kast continues to have a hard vote of the rejection of the plebiscite. He will once again aspire to become the leader of the rejection in the exit plebiscite. That is where he is going to be parapeted to maintain his validity, and in 2025 he will be a presidential candidate again,” he concluded.

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