PAHO warns that the fourth wave of COVID will be higher than the third

The fourth wave of COVID-19 infections will be higher than the third in Mexico, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) warned on Wednesday.
During the weekly press conference, incident manager for COVID-19, Sylvain Aldighieri, emphasized that an exponential growth of cases is being observed in the country.
Only this Tuesday a record number of infections was reached since the beginning of the epidemic, with 33,626 new cases in 24 hours.

“According to the analysis of the Ministry of Health at the federal level, a fourth wave higher than the third is expected and comparatively at the same time in 2021 much more cases are observed,” said Sylvain Aldighieri.
In Tuesday’s technical report, the agency reported that COVID infections rose 194% in a week and estimated that there are 184,660 active cases.
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Dr. Sylvain Aldighieri took the opportunity to clarify that the combination or recombination of delta with omicron is not a concern at this time, since it cannot be shown that this phenomenon has occurred.
He asked for caution in the interpretation of the information that is circulating in some media, since if there are cases of co-infection of the variants, it is not yet possible to speak of a recombination.
“This phenomenon has not been shown to have occurred and it is being investigated whether the reports that have circulated recently are due to laboratory contamination or another type of device,” he said.
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On Tuesday, experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) said that the mere repetition of booster vaccines will be insufficient to prevent the appearance of variants of the new coronavirus and urged to improve immunizers to curb the transmission of the disease.
About six weeks after the omicron variant was identified in South Africa, data from several countries agree on two points: omicron – which falls into the WHO category of variants of concern – is transmitted much more rapidly than the delta variant and, globally, appears to involve less severe forms of the disease.
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