Boric at Future Congress 2022: “We are committed to going from 0.34% to 1% of the budget in science”

The President-elect, Gabriel Boric, addressed various topics in his speech within the framework of the Future Congress 2022 during this day, including children, education, science and technology. Boric stated that “the challenge we have today is to agree on a direction that puts the care and well-being of everyone at the center of the development model and for that more resources are also needed.” Knowledge is going to be the copper of the twelfth century and we are committed in our Government to go from 0.34% to 1% of the budget in science, “he said. The future president said that “a little while ago a girl, of the children who are going to visit us in what has come to be called La Moneda Chica, told me to please work to shorten the working day so that she could spend more time with her mother (…) and I think that technology can precisely be used to achieve higher levels of equity as long as it is not concentrated only by those who own capital and end up deepening the inequality that we have today as one of the main problems in Chile.” Regarding education, the deputy said that “we have a tremendous challenge thinking about March: the tremendous educational gap that has been generated from the pandemic is something that we must face decisively.” And he added that “schools have to be the last to close and the first to open and I hope that by incorporating all the security measures we can move in that direction and recover the associativity that is generated in the classrooms.” We are going to work intensively to face the educational gap that the pandemic has caused in our children,” he concluded.

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