Russian troops blew up train tracks in Irpin to block evacuation

In southern Ukraine, attacks and blockades continue on the strategic city of Mariupol. Authorities in the town, which is in severe crisis due to the Russian siege, have called for a ceasefire for the installation of a road corridor. While the Western allies continue to coordinate actions to sanction Vladimir Putin for his decision to advance on Ukrainian territory. For its part, the attack on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant has generated a new focus of rejection and concern for the international community. And after the obstruction of the train tracks, the Ukrainian deputy Lesia Vasylenko denounced that “the evacuation of women and children becomes impossible. It is now clear that the strategic objects of the Russian army are in fact civilian,” he said. Minutes later, the European Union and members of the Council of Baltic Sea States (CBSS) have agreed to suspend Russia and Belarus from the activities of this entity in response to Moscow’s aggression against Ukraine and Minsk’s involvement in the conflict, the European External Action Service reported. The EU agrees with the other members of the CBSS that the suspension of Russia and Belarus will remain in force until it is possible to resume cooperation based on respect for the fundamental principles of international law,” the EU diplomatic service said. (Infobae)

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