President Piñera and drafting of a new Constitution: “Fundamental things are being weakened for Chile”

Just four days after handing over power to Gabriel Boric, the President of the Republic, Sebastián Piñera, had words for what has been the work of the Constitutional Convention in the drafting of a new magna carta, which is less than three months away from presenting the first draft of a new Constitution.
Expressing his concern in this regard, President Piñera said he was “very concerned about the direction that the Constitution and the Convention are taking.” In the same vein, he said that “I believe that fundamental things are being weakened for Chile.” This, following the rules approved by the drafting body during February.
On the other hand, the president affirmed the existence of a “refoundational identity eagerness” in the drafting body, affirming that the history of Chile does not start with them.
“Chile does not part with the Convention, we have a history, we have to correct what needs to be corrected, but not dismantle everything we have done,” he said.
“We have been dividing and confronting each other for 40 years over the Constitution of ’80. We cannot spend the next 40 years dividing and confronting each other over this Constitution. A Constitution has to be the great framework of unity, stability, projection,” he concluded.

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