The Fraternity ratified the 24-hour train stoppage from midnight

After a week of waiting, the Union of Train Drivers La Fraternidad ratified the measure that had been ordered on the 21st of this month by the National Secretariat and this time an official publication of Omar Maturano was presented confirming the 24-hour strike in all services. ” The Fraternity does not hesitate to defend the railway industry and jobs, violated by the judicial decision to suspend services between Buenos Aires and Bahía Blanca due to a derailment. The union organization also ratifies the state of alert and mobilization,” said the referent. As he elaborated in a video of just over two minutes, Maturano assures that the railway industry “is permanently attacked, in this case by justice” and denounces “the irregularities produced in the phantom purchase of tickets in services of the activity, which exhaust the availabilities and transfer passengers to the motor transport sector”.
“The railway is being attacked and, proof of this, is what happened during the asphalting of tracks and before the refusal of some mayors to stop services in their localities, as it happens in Chascomús, for example,” he added when confirming that the regulations are for 24 hours and will affect all services. On the other hand, he pointed to the provincual officials for “the behaviors” of some who “violating the law, they take over railway territories owned by the Nation and use land for various purposes and not to build housing for the staff, who do not have their own house in 60 percent.”

“There is an onslaught against the activity. To this is added the phantom purchase of tickets, which exhausts the comforts to refer passengers to motor transport, “he accused and remarked again the case of the suspension between Buenos Aires and Bahía Blanca, ensuring that the prohibition of said “railway circulation benefits automotive companies that reappeared in the market from tendentious measures that hit the train, in a national context in which more than 5,000 people die in road traffic accidents.” It is striking that the control agencies do not work based on the lack of a Federal Transport Law, which La Fraternidad has been preaching for more than 15 years,” they said.

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