translated from Spanish: Italy Super Cup, wrapped in a scandal sexist

the end of the Italian Supercup between Juventus and Milan generated repudiation from almost all the European country for some conditions that were for the purchase of tickets for the party will it be played in Saudi Arabia. One of them is that women may not enter the stadium if it is not accompanied by a man, something common to the Arab but unusual country for the Western world. 

The Gulf country introduced some reforms that allowed women to attend for the first time a football stadium in January 2018, but only to areas reserved for the families and not to the seats reserved exclusively for men. The conflict got up to the Italian Government, since Matteo Salvini, Minister of the Interior, leader of the ultra right and renowned fan of the Milan acknowledged that «that women can not go to the stadium if they are not accompanied by a man is sad and disgusting» I will not see the party». 

«I express my most forceful rejection» to the decision by the Italian Football League, for its part said the Secretary of State for equality, Vincenzo Spadafora.Quien not openly manifested against was the President of the League, Gaetano Miccichè, who not only do not He criticized the decision if not considered to be a historical fact in Saudi Arabia: «History will remember that it was our first international competition Supercopa that Saudi women were able to attend the stadium,» defended.

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