Deputy Ramírez is opposed to Marcel’s statements about the fifth withdrawal: “We must consider that inflation is not local, it is global”

The deputy of the Communist Party (PC), Matías Ramírez, referred to the statements expressed by the Minister of Finance, Mario Marcel, during the Senate Finance Committee on Tuesday.
Speaking about a possible project of fifth withdrawal of 10% of the AFP, the Secretary of State said that “a new withdrawal is a bomb in the middle of that whole process. In other words, it is something that significantly diverts us from generating a stable basis for the reforms that we want to make.”
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In an interview with T13, the parliamentarian said that he does not share the catastrophic vision of the minister, since “we must consider that inflation is not local, it is global.”
“I do not share blaming the withdrawal of 10% of pension funds for the inflation that the country is experiencing. There are other factors influencing this crisis, but not withdrawals,” he added.
Constitution Commission
The communist deputy also referred to the controversy that occurred during the day of this Tuesday in the Constitution commission of the Chamber of Deputies, which faced Pamela Jiles (PH) and the president of the commission, Karol Cariola (PC).
It should be remembered that the parliamentarian of the Humanist Party accused the communist deputy of ‘delaying’ the discussion on a possible withdrawal of the 10% of the AFP.
Given this, Ramírez commented that “I believe that the first signal was given today by the President of the Constitution Commission, Deputy Karol Cariola, at the time of dialogue with the merger to the projects that discuss the different initiatives that seek pension withdrawals, which are expected to be voted on tomorrow in the room.”
On the party’s vision to discuss the project, the parliamentarian pointed out that they will not be subtracted since the previously approved projects helped families in need during the pandemic.
“We have pointed it out openly and publicly. We are about to discuss and debate the nominated project “fifth withdrawal of 10%”. We believe that some considerations remain that at some point served as sustenance for up to the fourth withdrawal that was discussed in the previous government,” he said.
“At some point it was proposed that Chile was going to catch fire if the first 10% withdrawal was approved and none of that happened. It even reactivated the economy, allowing families to access basic necessities,” he concluded.

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