More criticism of Kirchnerism to Guzman: “We must change economic policies”

Kirchnerism accentuates its criticism of Martín Guzmán. After the statements of Andrés “Cuervo” Larroque and Cecilia Moreau, the secretary general of the Banking Association and national deputy for the Frente de Todos, Sergio Palazzo, blamed the economic team for the acceleration of inflation and called for a “change of policies” to combat the rise in prices. We have an inflation of 60%, I think there is a very strong deficiency in this and it is the responsibility of the economic team,” the pro-government legislator said this morning, in a dialogue with La Red radio. “I’m very critical of the economic team in that part, and it’s not from now,” he added. In this context, the union leader asked to “change economic policy,” although he clarified that the names of those who execute them “is the decision of the president” Alberto Fernández. “I don’t discuss names, I discuss policies,” he said. And if we’re at 60% inflation, it’s the responsibility of much of the economic team.” When asked if a replacement should be sought for Economy Minister Martin Guzman, he said: “What will have to be changed are the policies, then the President decides who executes them.” The Kirchnerist wing of the ruling coalition insists with its criticism of the head of the Treasury Palace, especially after the inflation of 6.7% in March was known.” No country can function normally with an inflation of 60%, and if the policies that have been developed have led us to this 60%, what must be changed are the policies, then, who executes them, it is the decision of the President, “said Palazzo.

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