Viviana Saccone turned to the networks to tell her indignation with the 2022 Census

Today the 2022 Census was carried out, which after two years was postponed due to the pandemic. However, throughout the day, through social networks and near the end time of the mega operation, many people complained that they were not registered. One of them was the actress Viviana Saccone, who on twitter narrated the situation she had to live that filled her with indignation. The actress said she saw several census takers passing through the door of her house, but none were assigned to her home.” I was not registered. Six census takers passed by my block. I, from the window, say to a census taker: ‘Are you coming to catch me?’ He looked at his spreadsheet and said, ‘No, it’s not my turn.’ ‘And can’t you do it the same?’ I asked him and he said no. Six equal dialogues throughout the day,” Saccone said. Added to her anger, Viviana added that one of the census takers assured her that the app was malfunctioning, so they could not solve the problem either. “But you can add me from the app,” he asked to which they replied: “It didn’t work.”

I was not registered
6 census takers passed by my block.
Me, from the window: “Are you coming to catch me?” –
(look at the spreadsheet)
-“No, it’s not my turn”
“And you can’t do it the same?
-“But you can add me from the app”
-“the app does not work”6 equal dialogues throughout the day — Viviana Saccone (@ViviSaccone)
May 18, 2022

Original source in Spanish

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