Raúl Beltrán the winner of Tengo Talento Mucho Talento

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- Raúl Beltrán Curiel was chosen as the winner in the final of the Us reality show “I have talent, a lot of talent”, after facing the decision on Thursdays that balanced the victory between him and young Sonoran José Ángel.It was thanks to the emotional participation of the 21-year-old originally from ElDorado, Sinaloa that the judges; Pepe Garza, Don Cheto, Ana Barbará, Carolina Ross and El Yaki, as well as the public, decided to give him the award of being the one who will triumph in the 26th season of I have talent, a lot of talent and with it be the creditor of a prize of 100 thousand dollars, almost 2 million pesos. And it is that Raúl Beltrán has been characterized by touching sensitive fibers, because to close his participation in the grand final, the young man decided to sing a song to his mother. Interpretation that made the jury break down in tears. The most tense moment came when Luis Coronel went in front of the most voted of the night, Raúl and José Ángel. In the period of tension, the Sinaloan expressed his feeling because he considered that if he did not win the same he already felt like a winner, because the main reason why he traveled to the United States, was to have an interview with Pepe Garza, who that night expressed his recognition for his talent. It was after this moment that Luis Coronel gave the name of the winner while the entire cast looked forward to the answer and that he gave as winner of season 26 to Raúl Beltrán.

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