Vicente Fox demands AMLO stop violence in Mexico

Former President Vicente Fox Quesada demanded that President AMLO stop violence in Mexico, reiterating his criticism of Q4 for the high homicide rates in the country. Through his official Twitter account, Vicente Fox shared a video launching a message against AMLO and a call to the citizens to do “whatever is necessary” and demand that the president of Mexico fulfill his obligations. It is not possible that we have a president who renounces his constitutional obligations, is that what you were elected for, López Obrador? For that we demand you act,” Fox said against AMLO. The former PAN president launched slogans against femicides and homicides in an appeal to the people of Mexico, and demanded that President López Obrador stop the killings and “alliances with criminals.” To mexicans I say: enough is enough, not one more victim! Let’s do whatever it takes! López Obrador, you have to attend to this issue, already for these massacres, and stop turning our country into a cemetery, never one more, never one more dead, never more alliance with criminals! So far, enough is enough!” said the PAN member. For this publication Vicente Fox decided to reactivate the option of receiving comments on Twitter, which he had blocked for months, which made him the object of criticism and questions for closing himself to dialogue on the social network. Every day from an early hour the PAN begins to publish its criticisms and insults against the AMLO government, and does not miss an opportunity to point out the president for any violent episode that monopolizes the media. Recently, after it became known that amlo’s government broke a “new record” of homicides in Mexico with 120,174 murders accumulated in his six-year term, Vicente Fox did not take long to publish his mockery of López Obrador. Absolute record in the podium of HOMICIDES. Winner, setting new world record! 120,000 LOPEZ DEAD!!”,” he wrote. We recommend you read: Likewise, the former president has accused AMLO of leading a “narco-state” due to the wave of violence provoked by organized crime in various states, who seem to enjoy impunity and have even “humiliated” the military. Lopez prefers to bring the Mexican Army to its knees and follow his ‘ama$iato’ with lo$ cateles$. We are a ‘narco-state???,” Fox questioned.  

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