Problems for appointments in the S.A.T.

In recent weeks there has been a serious problem of face-to-face appointments in the different offices of the Tax Administration Service (S.A.T.) throughout Mexico. Unfortunately this situation affects taxpayers, companies, and also the treasury, since in many cases of trafficking in newly created companies or taxpayers already registered with an expired Electronic Signature that require renewing it in person to be able to comply with their tax obligations. How to get an appointment with the S.A.T.? The process is online through the S.A.T. portal is now a “virtual line” scheme where the taxpayer who requests an appointment and is not available is waiting for availability. What procedures must be done in person (by appointment)? Registration of taxpayers legal entities and natural personsRenovation of expired Electronic Signatures Do workers require an appointment to request their Proof of Tax Status? No. Workers can go without an appointment and receive their Proof of Tax Situation What do you think would a taxpayer with an appointment problem have before the S.A.T.? It has been commented in various forums that one option is to file a complaint with PRODECON so that it intercedes for the taxpayer before the S.A.T.Final Comments: It is urgent that the S.A.T. resolve as soon as possible this problem that as commented affects not only the individuals themselves but also the same

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