Why Eugenio Derbez was involved in the death of Paco Stanley

It commemorates the 23rd anniversary of the comedian and actor Francisco Jorge Stanley Albaitero, better known as Paco Stanley. On June 7, just as Mexico celebrates Freedom of Expression Day, the 56-year-old television host was shot dead outside a restaurant in Mexico City. A few hours earlier, he had been on the broadcast of his program “Una tras otra” on TV Azteca.Among the main suspects in the murder of Paco Stanley, were his friends and collaborators, Mario Bezares and Paola Durante, who were deprived of their liberty for more than a year. For lack of evidence, they were found not guilty. One of the theories about this terrible event is that the death of the communicator was due to having debts with a drug cartel. But Mario Bezares and the aide-de-camp Paola Durante were not the only suspects, but also the actor and comedian Eugenio Derbez.In a previous interview for the program “Ventaneando”, Eugenio said that due to his rivalry with the program led by Pati Chapoy, he came to be considered an enemy of Paco Stanley, for which he was requested by the corresponding authorities after his murder. At that time, TV Azteca staff put a great spectacular of the telenovela “La Chacala”, starring Christian Bach, in front of the Televisa facilities. Recall that for many years, both television stations have maintained a rivalry. Faced with this action, Eugenio Derbez placed another great spectacular to promote his program “XHDRBZ”. But this wasn’t the first time the comedian had “attacked” TV Azteca; he had also sent an advertisement dedicated to “Ventaneando”, where his character of “El longe moco”, covered the face of Pati Chapoy.Al shortly after this “war of spectaculars”, Paco Stanley left Televisa and joined the ranks of TV Azteca, for which, Eugenio Derbez responded with another announcement mocking the television host for having gone to the competition. This action caused the husband of the singer Alessandra Rosaldo, to be involved in the murder of Mr. Stanley.” They sent me to call as a suspect for being an enemy of Paco Stanley, ‘I am not an enemy of Paco Stanley’ (he told them). ‘But there was a war of spectacular and you attacked him’ (the authorities responded),” Eugenio said in that interview with “Ventaneando”. We recommend you read: He also mentioned that the authorities in charge of the investigation thought he had an enmity with Paco Stanley, because of the war of advertisements he carried out. “And I had to go and testify because I was accused of being one (of the suspects).” Graduated from the University of the West in 2010 with a degree in Communication Sciences, passionate about human journalism. After participating in the Talent Workshop “La Oveja Negra” taught by the Machine of Ideas, I was recruited by El Debate companies and months after graduating, I began to work as a general information reporter and police. I am proudly founder of Periódico La i (where I served as editor and reporter) in the city of Guamúchil, Sinaloa, the popular newspaper of El Debate. Two years later I became editor of the newspaper La Sirena, another of the company’s popular newspapers. Later I migrated from paper to digital, moving to our web portal www.debate.com.mx, witnessing the evolution and growth it has had. I am currently a web reporter and entertainment journalist, conducting interviews with singers, groups and local, national and international actors, I have also specialized in K-Pop and K-Dramas. In these years working in the company, I have acquired knowledge about SEO positioning in Google and Analytics, as well as content development for social networks. See more

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