Milei evaded a question about his position on selling children.

The national deputy for La Libertad Avanza Javier Milei was asked on Tuesday about his position regarding the sale of children, after the debate that was generated when he referred to organ donation, and responded that everything “depends”. At the time, the economist tried not to declare himself for or against and mentioned the book “General Competitive Analysis” by Arrow and Hahn and explained that the authors “when they write that they say that they have certain normative properties and it is to the world that I would like to take it, but then there is the real world.” When asked, “But the answer is not “no”? If they ask you if you agree with the sale of children.” The libertarian replied, “No, it depends on what terms you’re thinking.” However, at the insistence of journalists, Milei clarified: “If I had a child I would not sell it, but again, it is not what Argentine society is discussing. Maybe 200 years from now, but there is a problem of consistency there because if we talk about the anarcho-capitalist world he would not be president, because in anarcho-capitalism there is no president.” After the repudiable statements of the libertarian leader about the sale of organs as a new market and a substantial drop in the support he received, today he decided not to declare himself for or against the sale of children.

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