Chubut: there are already 10 whales found dead

According to the Directorate of Wild Fauna and Flora of the province of Chubut, there are already 10 Right Whales that were found dead in the waters of the Golfo Nuevo, an area near Puerto Pirámides.The specimens were found on the coasts of Cerro Avanzado, El Pedral, Puerto Pirámides, and Punta Alta. So far, the strongest hypothesis continues to be the intake of toxins produced by red tide.” We are in the presence of an event that although it happens almost every year this time has a very unusual intensity, “explained Germán Marino, chemical engineer, and member of the Environmental Health team. “In molluscs we find very high concentrations,” he said in radio statements. In addition, he reported that usually from 400 units can not be consumed and in this case “we have found 14 thousand units and coincides with years where there has been lethality in people who consumed them.” Marino highlighted the prohibition of consuming mollusks and snails from the area, and as for the situation of whether or not to consume water in Puerto Pirámides, the specialist explained that “due to the technology of the plant there should be no inconveniences, but as a precaution we ask that they do not ingest it.” Finally, when asked about the reason for this unusual flowering of microalgae, he said that “the last rains dragged fresh water into the sea with many nutrients and then there were days of a lot of sun and that may have contributed to the algal growth”, and that “it is likely that this is the peak of the year”.

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