Vidal, on the 2023 elections: “I am preparing to be president”

The national deputy of Together for Change, María Eugenia Vidal, acknowledged that she is “preparing” to be a candidate for president in the next presidential elections of 2023 and clarified that her candidacy “is not ahead of the project” of the opposition. I have already said publicly that I would like to be president. I feel that after having governed the province of Buenos Aires for 4 years, after having been deputy head of government in the City with Mauricio Macri, being in areas where there were always emergencies and complex problems. After all that, I feel that my next stop I would like to be there,” the former Buenos Aires governor confessed on Rivadavia radio.

In addition, he said: “I am touring the whole country and I am preparing for that,” and stressed: “My candidacy is not ahead of the Project of Together for Change. If I feel that I can compete in a PASO and that I am in a position to do so, I am going to present myself, if I am not going to make all that available to the best internal discussion”, within the framework of a strong internal in Together for Change.In this sense, he continued: “The most important thing is not that María Eugenia Vidal is president next year, if not that Together for Change wins the election,” and argued: “I am convinced that there is no president who can only move Argentina forward. A generation of committed leaders is needed here.”

On the other hand, he questioned the Government of Alberto Fernández and criticized: “Inflation does not go down because he has been governing for three years and he never had a plan to do so.” “During our government we made some reforms. We were one step below this government’s inflation. The reforms we made went in that direction, but they were not all done together at once,” he added. Finally, he asserted that “nobody governs” and destroyed the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa: “The only one who is managing is Sergio Massa, and he is doing it to reach the next election. I call it the plan to arrive,” and he recalled: “A year ago they were all together on a stage asking for the vote of the people.”

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