Free-to-air TV channels will be able to join TVN in the transmission of the Pan American Games

The Santiago 2023 Corporation agreed, unanimously by its directors, that all open television channels can own rights to the Pan American and Parapan American Games of Santiago 2023, so they would join the transmission with Televisión Nacional de Chile (TVN).
With this decision, the board seeks to “enhance the programmatic grid and the contents that allow viewing the Santiago 2023 Games and transcend their legacy,” they said.
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According to the information obtained from Radio Bío Bío, the Corporation will send to the other channels the conditions of the offer so that they opt for said rights, which must equal or exceed that of TVN and must not include an economic proposal.
Previously, Canal 13 turned to the National Economic Prosecutor’s Office (FNE) for the direct, exclusive and free allocation of rights to TVN, which generated discomfort in other channels.
Faced with the resolution, from Channel 13 they expressed their “agreement with the measure taken by their Board, since we believe that with this, the visualization of the games is significantly increased”.
“We will present our proposal within the requested deadlines to be able to access these rights, and thus continue to demonstrate our commitment to the transmission of sporting events,” they added.

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