“Married with Children” concluded its theatrical season, after 95 functions and 200 thousand spectators

Guillermo Francella, Florencia Peña, Luisana Lopilato, Darío Lopilato, Marcelo De Bellis and Jorgelina Aruzzi said goodbye on Corrientes Street, at the Gran Rex Theater, to the success they starred in during 95 functions that gathered around 200 thousand people. Accompanied by their loved ones, the actors and actresses were applauded by their loved ones, among them, Michael Buble along with his four children, his in-laws, his sister-in-law and nephews. Francella was applauded by his wife, Maynés, while Jorgelina was applauded by his daughter Ámbar and his friend, also actress Paola Krum, who was accompanied by her daughter Eloísa. Finally, Marcelo de Bellis, received his wife Sol and Florencia, one of his daughters. While Florencia received the visit of her husband, Ramiro Ponce de León and was in charge of organizing the well-deserved post-function celebration to close a completely successful cycle. undefined “Casados con hijos” came to the theater, after 18 years of the premiere of the sitcom, and with the loss of Érica Rivas, and her popular character of María Elena, antagonist of Pepe Argento. And after many comings and goings they were finally able to release this 2023 with totally sold out seats. Recall that this event was planned for previous years, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the complicated agendas of the actors it had to be rescheduled.

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