Lali was recognized as “Outstanding Personality of Culture”

Today, Lali Espósito was recognized as “Outstanding personality of the Culture of the City of Buenos Aires”, for his career and contribution in a ceremony that was broadcast live from the YouTube channel of the official body. From her networks, Lali commented that she was happy and anxious for the recognition and expressed: “It is very strange because it gives me between modesty and joy,” she said. She added, “I am excited to receive this distinction, grateful and eager.” With an ovation that received her standing, the singer who comes from breaking several records and being the first Argentine woman to fill the Vélez Sarsfield stadium, now adds another recognition for her 20 years of experience. “Thank you to all the deputies for this, which was unthinkable for me. You can think about what success is for you and have small goals, but you can’t imagine representing the women you admire or the men I work with or the people around me,” she said at the event where different videos of well-known personalities who were important in her career that talked about the talent of the artist were also shown.  Cris Morena, Adrián Suar, Soledad Pastorutti were some of the personalities who dedicated some words to the singer who was moved by the events. “Obviously, I get excited. Projects and disks don’t matter; Our job is to excite the other, to generate empathy. When I was little, I listened to music greats, thanks to my mother Majo, for whom I ask for applause,” she said with a broken voice. And he added: “When you grow up in my context, dreaming of something so huge was impossible: what I had around me were people who worked what they could and not what they could. (…) This exceeds me, it made me people. It’s something I’m really sorry, people put me in this place. If I’m here, it’s thanks for the people, who in the end appreciate that you never forget who you are,” he said of his career. “I didn’t prepare a speech, that’s why I beat around the bush. But the most important thing for me is to encourage children in Buenos Aires and across Argentina to fight for their dreams. Let no one tell them that they can’t, they told me many times and I come from filling a stadium. If they have the passion and they have the love, that can outweigh the context,” he closed in his thank-you speech. 

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