Gabriela Cerruti said that the Rental Law is “perfectible”, but it is “the one that is in force”

After the rumor that the Government could suspend the rental law sanctioned in 2020, presidential spokeswoman Gabriela Cerruti said that the rule is “perfectible” but that “until we have a better tool, it is the law that is in force” and regarding the difficulty of accessing a rental in the City of Buenos Aires, He stressed that “they have to do with the policies that are carried out at the local level.” During his usual Thursday conference, which he gave this afternoon to the accredited press at the Casa Rosada, Cerrutti said that the government is willing for “parliament to give the discussions it has to give, or to make proposals to find the necessary tools” to generate a better norm than the one in force. On the difficult access to rents in the City of Buenos Aires, Cerruti said that it is a situation that “needs and deserves local policies.” “When we listen to the head of government, what we want to tell him is that there are measures to be taken and carried out so that tenants can access affordable prices,” said the spokeswoman. In parallel, the official said that the national government has a “housing policy,” and in this regard said that “President Alberto Fernández delivered the 100,000th housing of the management in Santiago del Estero,” while “there are also another 140,000 that will be delivered by the end of the year.” In addition, the spokeswoman referred to Anibal Fernandez’s statements about “streets sprinkled with blood and dead” if the opposition wins the next elections. While she clarified that she “would not have said what the Minister of Security said,” she pointed out that “the one who said that everything had to be dynamited was (Mauricio) Macri.” Those who are announcing a country where those who have to die die because those who have private assistance are going to be saved are Macri and Milei. They are making too much fuss about one sentence,” the presidential spokeswoman said.

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