L-Ghent shared some messages from jail

After being arrested, L-Ghent made his first public appearance through a post on his social networks, where he sent a greeting to his fans and clarified how he is. The musician who on June 6 was transferred to the DDI of Quilmes under the accusation of “illegitimate deprivation of liberty” and “Threats”, continues to be held while the cause is investigated. However, and after his lawyer, Alejandro Cipolla, spoke, the creator of cumbia 420 decided to send greetings and a message that he wrote on a sheet of paper and later uploaded to his account. He also took the opportunity to publicize his next song and was enthusiastic about his procedural situation: “Thank you all for the endurance. I’m fine, preparing to do my best when I come out,” the paper read. He continued: “I hope you like the last track. Much more is coming,” reads the handwritten message he uploaded to his instagram. To which he later added another message, this time referring to some journalists who spoke of his cause: “If I do not win, I prefer not to leave,” said the musician. And he continued: “Diego de Crónica you are right. For many, I am more than a grain,” he said, making it clear that he is up to date with what is said about him in the media. In addition, the musician threw a stick for the journalist of Clarín, Pablo Sigal and launched: “I love listening to Sigal live. It has less chamuyo…”, he said with a laugh. In that line he said he is very calm and “resting”, while waiting for his release. “Thank you for the endurance. I toy re piola, resting. See you soon and better than ever,” he lashed out from his “Cell 4,” he closed. 

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