How the new SUBE app works that will allow you to pay for trips with your cell phone

The government launched a new SUBE application, which will allow all the procedures to be carried out from the same place, incorporating a function so that users can pay for their trips with the cell phone, which must have NFC technology and Android 8 or higher operating system. The new SUBE app, which will be available gradually to reach 100% accessibility on Thursday, will be gradually available for free download from the Google Play Store. In that sense, those who have the operating system Android 6 or higher, will be able to register cards, load balance with debit card and electronic wallets, credit and consult balance and last trip. In addition, if the device has Android 8 or higher, with functions available for cell phones with NFC technology, they can check movements and travel history, verify available benefits, see the nearest automatic terminals, charging points and card sales, and access a consultation channel. The Minister of Transport, Diego Giuliano, said that “we continue to incorporate technology to make the SUBE system simpler and simpler for users. With this new application you will be able to manage the card and load balance with debit card or electronic wallets, verify the available benefits, among other functions that can be performed from a cell phone. ” The SUBE Digital will have a first pilot test in the city of Neuquén from September 7, so that people who download the app can use it by enabling their location within the municipality. For more information about SUBE you can contact through the official social networks Facebook, Instagram, the chatbot SUBi or the toll-free line 0800-777-SUBE (7823).

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