Trial for Débora Pérez Volpin: the former director of the Trinity Sanatorium accused of covering up the death did not testify

The former director of the Sanatorio de la Trinidad, Roberto Martingano, accused of concealment, refused to testify at the beginning of the trial for the death of journalist Débora Pérez Volpin on February 6, 2018, while undergoing an endoscopy. According to the information accessed Telam, the first day “was used to read the accusation to the accused and give him the opportunity to testify and offer his version of what happened.” While on the recommendation of his lawyer Vadim Mischanchuk, Martingano chose to have the defense that he offered at the time read and wait for the successive hearings to pronounce himself. It is not possible to reproach the former director for concealment since these elements (the endoscope and medical documents) were voluntarily delivered and in neither case was Martingano the one who did it, “said his lawyer regarding the accusation. Along with Martingano, the instrumentator Miriam Frías, who participated in the endoscopy, and who did give her word at the hearing this Friday, is accused. He denied “having lied or concealed information” regarding the death of the journalist and legislator, while saying “having been in a situation of great stress” because she was going through a delicate pregnancy at the time of the tragic event. Perez Volpin died on February 6, 2018 at the Trinidad Sanatorium in Palermo, following the intervention performed by endoscopist Diego Bialolenkier, who was convicted of “culpable homicide” in August 2019 to three years in prison by the Oral Criminal and Correctional Court 8, in charge of Javier Anzoátegui, who also ratified the acquittal of the anesthetist Nélida Puente.The trial will continue on Wednesday where it is estimated that the first witnesses will testify, of the approximately 70 that are estimated to be presented. 

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