Carmen Barbieri disembarks on channel Thirteen

Today, journalist Juan Etchegoyen told for his Mitre Live cycle that there could be a very important pass between the cable station and channel Thirteen with the call to Carmen Barbieri to join the grid of the Constitution signal. “Today I have a bomb to tell you, it is a host who makes a successful program on cable and will go to the air screen, we are talking about one of the most important passes of the year of this 2023,” said the journalistAnd added: “They told me that everything is very advanced and there is even a start date. I am talking about Carmen Barbieri and her cycle Mañasísima, which will pass to the mornings of El Trece at the end of October. There is talk of the possibility of making the premiere on Monday 23 or Monday 30. That will be seen in a few weeks but everything is spoken,” he said. The arrival of Carmen in the mornings of the thirteen would put her in direct competition with her colleagues, Pamela David with “American Breakfast” (America TV) and Georgina Barbarossa for “A la Barbarossa” (Telefe) where each one faces the current issues and spectacle in their style. Likewise, Etchegoyen analyzed the Thirteen’s grid and explained: “I understand that this has to do with Fabián Doman’s weak rating and that, from the channel, they want to try the Carmen cycle that is doing so well in Ciudad Magazine. I have not confirmed that they will lift Bien de Mañana, but that at this time a program would be added to the morning slot, “he completed. ” Today the situation is this: Doman with his program, then came Mañanísima and then Partners of the show. They plan to reduce the schedule of the cycles to add that of the driver. We are talking about strong news because Carmen has been doing this program on cable for years and now I would change that. It is a good bet and an important boost that would give his career as a figure of El Trece, “concluded the journalist.

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